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Did you know 60% of High School Baseball Pitchers Suffer from Debilitating Arm Injuries Injuries. Position Players Arm Injuries are Also on the Rise.

Two factors are the major culprits — Improper Technique & Muscle Overexertion


Our symposium on September 16th, 2017 at Target Field focused on the arm injury epidemic happening right here in Minnesota. Our panelists discussed a culture that struggles to prevent arm injuries and lacks the support for the changes necessary to do so...until now.

Our panel of experts includes;


Derek Falvey, Mn Twins Chief of Baseball Operations


Dan Christoffer, Head Athletic Trainer for Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine and former MLB trainer who worked with many Cy Young Award winners


Rob Fornasiere, Head Assistant Coach, Minnesota Golden Gophers


Diane Dahm, M.D.,  Orthopedic Surgeon and Team Physician, Minnesota Twins

Jim Brower, Pitching Coordinator for the Seattle Mariners, and formerly The Chicago Cubs

2017 Million Dollar Arm Symposium