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MN Legion Adapts National Pitch Count Rule for 2017

March 4, 2017


American Legion Baseball announced last week the addition of a pitch count rule ahead of the 2017 season.

Minnesota's specific pitch count policy can be found HERE.

The new rule puts a daily limit on pitchers of 120 pitches in the senior program and 105 pitches in the junior program.


A pitcher may finish pitching to a batter should the limit be reached in the middle of a plate appearance.

In addition, based on the number of pitches thrown, there is a rest requirement of one day (1-45 pitches thrown), two days (46-60 pitches), three days (61-75 pitches) or four days (76+ pitches). Pitchers may not make more than two appearances in any three-day span.

In order to ease the transition, Legion Baseball Committee Chairman Gary Stone answered some frequently asked questions regarding the change.

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