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Enhanced Coverage Plans for the 2017 Playoffs & State Tourneys


The Legion Baseball Hub announced enhanced coverage plans for the 2017 season.  


This year marks the third year that the LegionBaseballHub.com has been in the forefront of covering American Legion Baseball in Minnesota.  


Starting the week of July 17th, Sub-state and district playoffs will begin and The Legion Hub will have all the scores from all 15 D1 Sub-States as well as all D2 district scores.


The Legion Hub will also have live video feed from CHS Field for the D1 State Tournament and up to the minute scores from all locations from all D1 and D2 State Tournaments. 


Be sure to follow the LegionHub on Twitter and subscribe to our weekly digest, the Mendoza Line.  As always, The LegionHub includes news, scores, and top ten rankings from around the state and is your one-stop shop for Minnesota Legion Baseball.


“We are excited to deliver baseball news to the Minnesota American Legion fans,” said Hub founder Nick Kennedy.  “This year we will take our average to another level.” 


There will be some exciting announcements for players and parents in the coming days regarding the LegionBaseballHub and future prospects. 



Twiter: @legionhub

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