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"Every day we get Emails and Calls from People Asking What we Call “Short-cut” Questions."

December 19, 2017



Want to have a successful 2018 season?  Preparation starts now.


In our recent roundtable with some of the states best baseball coaches, they all had the same thing to say, "Every day we get emails and calls from people asking what we call “short-cut” questions."


“How can my player become a better fielder or hitter?”


“What type of glove should my athletes be using?” “What do you think of core stability training?”  “How many training sessions do you think is appropriate for a 17 year old baseball player?”. Coaches, athletes, parents, sports-scientists, sports-administrators will ask us questions like these trying to find a quick fix, short-cut way of becoming successful in sport, in this case, baseball," said one coach."


"They think that somewhere out there, there’s a secret training set or a magic swing or a miraculous strength arm-training routine that will turn mediocrity into mastery. And we tell them the same thing we are telling you now – it doesn’t really matter. None of this does. They already know what it takes to be the best. They really do. They just don’t want to face the simplicity and reality of it. 

It's called Commitment."


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, what are your goals for the 2018 baseball season?  Each player will have a different goal. Remember, write them down on a piece of paper and ask yourself the hard questions about your own strengths and weaknesses, then focus on those this winter. 


Now, there is no official “start date” to the off-season. Each athlete will begin his individual program at some point after the previous season ends. Many coaches will advise to take off 2-4 weeks from everything, but you will have to make that call for yourself. If you are otherwise healthy and not feeling overly fatigued, you should start your off-season strength program sooner than later. OR, take 2-4 months months off.  Listen to what your body is telling you.


Most communities off-season training workouts are already underway or will be in January. What are your goals?  How will these get accomplished during the 3-4 month off-season workouts? 


With your goals clearly set, combined with your level of commitment, your 2018 season will be your best yet.



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