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Over the Past 75 years, the South Hennepin League Continues to Provide Value for Legion Baseball

June 14, 2019


Since it's inception in the mid 1940's, the "South Hennepin" League still continues to prove it's value.


We often hear at the Hub there needs to be more leagues, more competition etc..  Think Lake Conference, Metro East or Metro West for MSHSL.  The state of Minnesota does indeed have leagues for American Legion Baseball, and we will highlight them in this series.


Today we are highlighting the South Hennepin, arguably the preeminent league for American Legion Baseball in Minnesota.


The South Hennepin teams today consist of the following teams:


Bloomington Blue
Bloomington Gold
Eden Prairie
St. Louis Park


The league has produced 2 National Champions.  Edina in 1983 and Eden Prairie in 2011 (EP was national runner-up in 2010).  Minnesota has 5 National World Series Champions; Richfield (1955), Edina (1983), Tri-City Red (1999), Rochester (2003) and Eden Prairie (2011). 


Eden Prairie, who has the most state titles with 7, and leads the league with hanging banners.  Edina has 5 state titles, most recent in 2012.  Wayzata won state as recent as 2015. Excelsior won state in 1998 and 1991. St. Louis Park won state in 1987. 


The newest additions to the South Hennepin League are Chaska, Shakopee and Waconia, all three with great baseball pedigree and history indeed. 


Bloomington Blue, now under Head Coach Zach Horn is on the rise and had a National World Series appearance in 1999. Bloomington Gold, with long time staffer Ron Nenovich, also has deep history with American Legion Baseball in Minnesota.


For those fans who wish to see what community based baseball is all about, and what a "rivalry" is, the South Hennepin League will never disappoint.


Whether two teams are scratching for that extra bit of respect, clawing for supremacy or two legends are fighting for a deeper carving in Minnesota Legion Baseball lore, the South Hennepin will always provide sports passion with their memorable matches.


Thank you to Rob Hager, Excelsior Head Coach for his leadership in managing the league. 


The full 2019 schedule for the South Hennepin can be found HERE.









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