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What Brands / Models do the Pros Use?

June 18, 2019


We see more and more High School and Legion baseball players wearing sunglasses.


Why? Do they help? Do you see the ball better? Don't they fall off?  All good questions.  We took to EJ's Sungalsses, the states top Sunglass Retailer to get some questions answered.


Why wear sunglasses?  Sunglasses protect your most important piece of baseball equipment – your eyes – both from long term damage and by blocking out the suns rays so you can see the ball better and not lose any baseballs in the sun.


What do the Pro's Use?

There are a few quality sunglass companies that stand out from the crowd and have the features a baseball player wants. These are the sunglasses we see most often on the baseball field and that guys tell us they like. 


To cut through the hype, their is a clear winner.  We will focus today on that winner, which is the Oakley - Radar EV Pitch with Prizm Lenses.


Usually with sunglasses on, players feel they don't see quite as well.  But these lenses actually make everything more clear and easier to see the baseball. See for yourself below.



And the best part is, they work in changing light conditions, and under one of the most difficult of baseball circumstances, which is being in sunlight and looking into the shadows, trying to see the baseball.  These are game changers.


The Oakley's offer a composite frame, glass lens, non-polarized and you can if you want to customize the look and colors to your team.


Looking to order?  Click here and have them delivered to your home.


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